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Where do rabbits live? From Rabbit Burrows to Rabbit Hutch

Where do rabbits live? From Rabbit Burrows to Rabbit Hutch

Sometimes we take our rabbits for granted. For example, have you ever stopped to think about where do rabbits live?. Your rabbit probably lives in the garden, but throughout history rabbits popped up all over the globe, in a variety of habitats. Rabbits are one of the most versatile animals in the world, and have made their home all over the globe. Wild rabbits in particular live in a number of different habitats and terrains, including fields, meadows, forests and even deserts! Rabbit homes are called “burrows”, and a network of burrows is called a “warren”. Some species of rabbit can also live in extremely cold conditions. In this article, we’re going to explore rabbit habitats and environments.

Where do rabbits come from?

Whilst rabbits can be found across the world, the vast majority of wild rabbits live in North America. The continent plays host to numerous species of rabbit, but the Eastern Cottontail is by far the most common rabbit species in North America. Wild rabbits are also found in abundance on the continent of Europe, and were natively from Spain, Portugal and France. The European (Common) Rabbit has been introduced into other countries such as the United Kingdom and Northern Africa over the years, and now thrives in these places.

So – where do rabbits live?

Rabbits love to live in groups, and are naturally very social animals. Wild rabbits live together in warrens and are mostly active around the times of dawn and dusk, however are sometimes seen outside during the day. Despite being such a social animal, rabbits enjoy and environment that will allow them to hide from predators and other animals.

Woods, bushes, hedges and other forms of dense vegetation create perfect natural screening for wild rabbits, and have the added bonus of usually coming hand in hand with large patches of grass, which the rabbits love to graze upon. To find out more about what rabbits eat, check out our article “What do rabbits eat?”.

Rabbit Burrows

A rabbit’s home is called a burrow. Rabbit burrows are tunnels that have been dug underground, usually linking together to create a maze of runs called a rabbit warren. To create a burrow, rabbits dig into the earth using their paws and powerful legs, shovelling the dirt and soil out of the hole. Rabbits even use their front paws to dig the hole, and their back paws to move the waste dirt!

Rabbit burrows can be a range of different sizes and depths. In soft, easy to dig soils, a rabbit will often dig their burrow deeper and wider, eventually creating a more established warren.

Rabbit Hutches

Whilst wild rabbits live all over the globe, our beloved pet rabbits love to live in rabbit hutches! A rabbit hutch can come in many shapes and sizes, but is general a rectangular wooden box that allows you to keep your pet bunny outside whilst protecting it from weather and predators.

A Rabbit hutch should feature an enclosed compartment where your rabbit can rest, but should also be big enough for the rabbit to be able to move around freely. It should also be made from solid natural wood, as rabbits love to chew on their hutches to keep their teeth and nails from growing too long.

Our favourite rabbit hutch is Oypla Single Rabbit Hutch. This great value hutch provides your pet rabbit will plenty of space to move around, whilst still being compact enough to keep on a patio or small garden. It has secure bolts and a strong wire mesh to keep your bunny safe, as well as a weather proof roof and a very sturdy construction. It’s great value and your bunny will love it – buy the Oypla Single Rabbit hutch here.

 You can also see out round-up of the 5 bets rabbit hutches on the market here.

Where do rabbits live – Summary

So then – where do rabbits live? Rabbits are one of the planets most hardy mammals, and can be found in numerous places all over the globe. They love to live in grassy, overgrown areas, however some even live in the desert! Wild rabbits live in rabbit burrows and warrens, although our own pet bunnies love to reside in a good quality rabbit hutch. Now that you’ve learned all about where rabbits live, when not check out our article about rabbit food – What do rabbits eat?

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