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How Long Do Rabbits Live? Help Your Pet Rabbit To Live Longer

How Long Do Rabbits Live? Help Your Pet Rabbit To  Live Longer

We all want our pet rabbits to live long happy lives, but it’s prudent to understand that, just like cats and dogs, rabbits do have an average lifespan. This does differ dependant of the breed of rabbit, their habitat and their diet, but you can use the information presented below to make an informed predication. So, how long do rabbits live?

How long do rabbits live at home

Pet rabbits (or domestic rabbits) enjoy the luxury of ready made shelter, food and medical care. It’s because of this that pet rabbits actually live a lot longer than wild rabbits, with the average pet rabbit living between 8-12 years.

Whilst it’s not exactly known how breed effects average lifespan, it’s been well documented that larger rabbit breeds have a shorter life span than smaller rabbits.

As pet rabbits became more common in the western world, people began to better understand how to care for their pets. Owners began to keep rabbits indoors in cold weather, and learned how to provide a nutritious diet. This contributed a great deal towards the longer life expectancy of pet rabbits.

How long do rabbits live in the wild

So, how long do wild rabbits live? Unfortunately, wild rabbits don’t have the luxury of a warm indoor habitat, and endless food and shelter. Life expectancy of a wild rabbit averages at only 3 years. This is mainly due to disease, natural predators and lack of food.

How to make your pet rabbit live longer

Right, enough of all this doom and gloom! The silver lining of all this is that there are many easy steps you can take to make sure that your pet bunny lives a long and happy life.

Suitable house and a nutritious diet are vital for a health rabbit. Rabbits should have enough room to move around freely, should be regularly cleaned out to avoid disease, and eat a nutritious diet of grass, hay and rabbit pellets (occasional fruit and vegetables can be used as a treat. For more information on the best rabbit hutches you can buy, see our article “Top 5 Rabbit Hutches”. To learn more about your pet rabbits diet, check out “what do rabbits eat”. To make sure that your bunny is in top health, check out our round-up of common rabbit diseases and how to prevent them.

An often overlooked aspect of rabbit care is providing your pet rabbit with suitable mental stimulation. Playing with your rabbit, providing toys or even things such as empty toilet roll tubes all go a long way to preventing your rabbit from getting bored. Anyway – who doesn’t want to play with their pet bunny?!

Here’s to happy and healthy rabbits

We hope that this article has helped you with your rabbit care, and that you rabbit lives to be healthy and happy. Next time someone asks you “how long do rabbits live?” – you’ll now know exactly what to tell them!

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