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The Best Rabbit Hutch: 5 Hutches for Your Pet Rabbit – UK

The Best Rabbit Hutch: 5 Hutches for Your Pet Rabbit – UK

Who doesn’t dream of a nice house? Outdoor pet rabbits love a lavish pad just as much as the rest of us! A rabbit hutch can affect your rabbit’s mood, health and even it’s growth, so it’s important to find the right rabbit hutch to suit your bunny.

Rabbit hutches come in all kinds of different shapes and sizes, with some being better quality than others. Because of this, it can be difficult to find the right one for your rabbit. Luckily, we’re here to help – here are our 5 favourite rabbit hutches available to buy right now.

1) Oypla single rabbit hutch – £35.99

The Oypla is a great first rabbit hutch, and features everything needed by somebody who is just starting out with rabbit care. What it lacks in luxury features, it makes up for in simplicity and affordability. At only £35.99, it includes features such as elevated height, locking door bolts and a weather-proof roof. This all adds up to make an excellent beginners rabbit hutch.

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2) FeelGood Medium Rabbit Hutch with Run – £79.99

If you’d like to allow your bunny a little more room and the ability to graze on the lawn, then this hutch is an no-brainier upgrade from the Oypla. Set across two levels, the FellGood medium rabbit hutch provides your bunny with plenty of room whilst still remaining compact – making it suitable for small gardens and patios. Your pet rabbit is sure to appreciate the open bottom to roam and graze on the grass, as well as the anti-fungicidal wood treatment. Good bang for the buck.

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3) Cocoon 6ft Bunny XL – £79.99

Now we’re talking. You’ll need a bit more room in the garden for this one, but your bunny will love you for it. This stunningly built hutch, attached to a spacious 6ft long secure rabbit run, has been built with your pet rabbit’s quality of life in mind. The no-nonsense flat-pack assembly, and a sub-£100 price point make this one of the best value rabbit hutch and run combos on the market. As an added bonus – it looks great too!

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4) Timbo Jenny outdoor Rabbit Enclosure – £152.91

We’re getting into territory of luxury hutches now – any rabbit living in this open air enclosure should be counting it’s lucky stars! Built from solid fir wood and featuring exclusive sleeping, eating and run areas, this is a real palace for your bunny. This rabbit hutch has a spacious interior, 2 ramps connecting to a large open-bottom rabbit run, as well as areas to shelter from the weather. If you consider you rabbit royalty, then this is the hutch you need. Go on – your the little one deserves it!

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5) FeelGood UK Rabbit Home with Run – £88.99

Here we have our winner, and the best all-rounder. FellGood UK feature in the list again with the best all-round rabbit hutch package available today. The extended rabbit run provides your bunny with ample space to move around and graze, whilst the cosy hide area keeps the hutch compact and easy to manage. Coming in natural or white finish, this stunning rabbit home uses high-quality wood throughout, treated with anti-fungicidal and environmentally friendly stain. Easy to assemble, good looking and most importantly affordable, this is one of the most popular rabbits hutches available online – and it’s easy to see why.

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There you have it – the five best all-round rabbit hutches on the market today. The amount of options out there can be overwhelming, so hopefully this list has made your choice a little easier. We hope your bunny enjoys their new pad!

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